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Felicity gained her Certificate in Hypnotherapy and is now over halfway through her diploma in Hypnotherapy.

"This brilliantly planned and well-designed weekend course was an engaging and fascinating introduction to hypnotherapy. The instructor, Chris, took us through the theory of hypnotherapy, helping us understand how it works with our brain and our subconscious. He also demonstrated the process on a team member so we could see the process as observers, which helped address any misplaced fears and misconceptions around hypnosis and hypnotherapy. We had plenty of time to try out practical work so we could experience the feeling and process in a supportive training environment. The teaching style was friendly and professional, while the venue was central and very easily accessible by public transport. Overall, the course was an excellent experience, and I really recommend it."

Felicity R

Anonymous survey feedback from our Certificate in Hypnotherapy 
"It was a great weekend, and I learned a lot. Definitely a very good experience and looking forward to doing the diploma."
"It was a really great and informative course, with a good balance of practical and theory."
"The tutor was fabulous! All our questions were answered in a way which was understandable to us."
"Had a really good weekend; all boxes ticked for me, thanks."

Survey Feedback

Louise Dobson gained a Certificate In Hypnotherapy and is now studying for her Diploma, hoping to change her career to become a professional hypnotherapist.

"I have been a registered nurse for the last 32 years and felt blessed to have had the privilege to help so many people at often their most vulnerable times in their lives. I was looking for a career change to improve the quality of my own life since shift work and unsocial hours were taking its own toll on my own health.
Hypnotherapy seemed a perfect choice. Physical well-being can be improved significantly by balancing ones mental health. Chris Fleet's hypnotherapy course is very comprehensive, supportive, interactive and fun. I am delighted to have taken the leap of faith to change my career and in doing so intend to facilitate my clients as a hypnotherapist to make the changes they need to do to help their lives."

Louise Dobson

Siobhan Lavery gained a Certificate in Hypnotherapy and is now studying The Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course.
"Thank you for this great course which I have already started to enjoy. Having experienced traumas in my life, I turned to hypnotherapy to help access the blockages and break them down. I have also witnessed the benefits to others. I see counselling as having some uses, but feel that often the issues are raised to the surface, then left bubbling in the conscious to cause repeat trauma.

For me, hypnotherapy raises the issue and clears it before coming back to the conscious state. I have personally seen how addictions affect many lives. Also, how partners suffer from long term control and manipulation, causing a loss of self. I intend to use hypnotherapy in a retreat setting, to offer a whole mind/body approach to alleviate the issues and bring back a calm mind. I'm grateful for the life experiences I have had as these allow me the personal knowledge to help others."

Siobhan Lavery

Liz Hornby gained both a Certificate and Diploma in Hypnotherapy from the Devon School Of Hypnotherapy, then went on to start her own clinic, EH Therapy, specialising in Reiki and Hypnotherapy in Maidenhead, Berkshire.
“I’ve known Chris, on and off, for some years. I attended his self-hypnosis class about 6 years ago which I have found very useful in the intervening years. Last year however, I decided that I wanted to train to become a hypnotherapist and approached Chris to get a clear idea of what I would be in for. I had the added complication in that I don’t live in Devon so needed to take travelling and accommodation into consideration! When I’d weighed everything up I decided that I had nothing to lose in attending his ‘taster weekend’ in February last year. I can only sum up the weekend in one word – “Wow”. I knew, finally, that I’d found something I could do as I seemed to ‘get it’ quite quickly.

So, I duly booked B&B’s until the end of November and beat the same track down the M4 and M5 from Berkshire one weekend a month to do my training. Chris’s delivery of that training is unique and delivered in such a way that it makes it easy – and fun – to learn. I’ve come a long way since the February taster weekend and have also made some lovely friends of the people I trained with. Chris has given me the belief in myself, which I sadly lacked before doing this course, and the confidence to ‘go out there’ and practice. The one piece of feedback from Chris that I shall always keep with me is that the only person holding me back, is me; that has given me the push and confidence boost that I needed.

I’ve decided that I want to attend the weekends he’ll be delivering on Parts Therapy and Regression Therapy as both fascinate me. Sometimes I still can’t believe I now have a Diploma with letters after my name! My best friend, who is also a mutual friend of Chris’s, commented that when I talked about the training with Chris, there was a lot of passion in my voice. That’s all down to Chris who has passed on his passion for hypnotherapy to us all and, for that, I thank him. I can highly recommend Chris and this course. If you are in any doubt, go along to the taster weekend because I’ll bet you anything you will find yourself wanting to take things further.”

Liz Hornby

Mark Honey succeeded in gaining a Diploma In Hypnotherapy From The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy.
"How I found the course (Diploma in Hypnotherapy) last year? Well, I can truly say it has made a massive difference to my life in more ways than one. Originally I was not sure what field I wanted to practice in coaching, counselling, etc and Hypnotherapy was not top of my list even though it was something I had looked at and had caught my interest a few years before. I looked around on the net at various things before deciding on Hypnotherapy and the more information I got the more interested I got. Chris stood out more than some of the national setups, more down to his years in the practice and the fact that he still practices hypnotherapy today. His story of how he got into hypnotherapy made it feel genuine and he had a passion for what he does.

As for the course itself, well to start with it like everything you feel like a duck out of water, but with Chris and his style there is no reason to stress there is no pressure and as I was able to witness with my fellow students and some who joined the course later all caught up and became very good in this therapy. I would say plan out your coursework and do it as you go along and not leave it all to the last minute. You also build a network of friends. The support we gave each other in our year was brilliant. If anyone was struggling we all supported and helped them. Chris is always on hand to answer any question or concern. I am personally not very academic but I really enjoyed this and I put everything into it and the reason for that was the course is relaxed, enjoyable and it's delivered well and the practical part you get to develop as you go and it all fits together along the way.

You need to find friends and family to practice on and then you see what a difference it can make to someone's life, in my training stage I helped people with depression, stress, exam nerves to name a few all with fantastic results and most of all it was something I enjoyed learning about. There is so much more to this course than what I first thought would be involved. The course for me was brilliant I have learnt so many more new skills and tools, I have a new Job which I am enjoying and also looking at setting up my own practice in Hypnotherapy with a few clients I am already seeing, which one of those clients being a boxer now going for a GB title. Which is where I am looking at marketing myself in Sports and Business."

Mark Honey

Ali de Matos qualified as a fully qualified hypnotherapist with a Diploma In Hypnotherapy and went on to found and create her own Hypnotherapy Practice In Dawlish, Devon.
"I did a lot of research before I signed up for the Hypnotherapy course with Chris Fleet. I have been a trainer and programme designer for many years and I was impressed by the content of the course initially and the recognised qualifications too. I made contact with Chris to find out more about the course and I really liked his approach and especially how the course ran, student participation, individual and group learning and a person centred approach to working with clients. I got a good feeling about the course.

I signed up and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved the course and Chris was highly supportive and learner centred. At times I found it challenging, in a good way, as Chris has high standards and suddenly all my learning clicked into place. Wow! At times even though it was challenging and I was taught some advanced skills too, that would enable me to be a more effective person centred hypnotherapist, Chris was totally supportive and an amazing trainer, working with learners as individuals and a group.

Chris uses hypnosis in his training, as well as being an open, empathetic and a genuinely caring person, who was flexible and supportive to each and every one of his learners. A course outline is just words unless the content is delivered by a trainer who can bring a course alive, with rich experience, interesting and exciting content and most importantly get the best out of their learners in a supportive, encouraging way. I highly recommend this course as it exceeded all my expectations."

Ali De Matos

Jo Webber gained a diploma with Devon School of Hypnotherapy - read about her training experience.
"Chris was an amazing teacher who I would highly recommend as a tutor. Before I started his course, I was apprehensive as to which Hypnotherapy diploma to choose. I felt incredibly fortunate to have found him as I preferred being in a smaller personalised, intimate group, rather than a large crowd.

When I first started training as a Hypnotherapist, I lacked so much confidence and Chris was so understanding of people’s individual needs and incredibly patient when it came to his students learning. If we didn’t understand things, he would go over again and again until we grasped the idea, and each time he was so tolerant, never making us feel inadequate.

He was continually encouraging us, and if anyone was slightly behind with their work he never made anyone feel bad or awkward, instead he just carried on encouraging us. His ongoing sense of humour during his classes created a fun environment to learn in and I used to look forward to our lectures. He was good value and I would say that if you’re thinking about doing his course, just go for it!"

Jo Webber

Mark Redfearn gained both a Certificate & Diploma In Hypnotherapy & then went on to start his own hypnotherapy services alongside his tax business.

"Chris, a big thank you for all your help on this life-changing course. I have enjoyed the course and your unique and successful delivery. Thanks to you and your enthusiastic and simplistic approach, I look forward to a lifelong career in the Hypnotherapy field."

Mark Redfearn

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