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Child Phobia: How Hypnotherapy Helps

Hypnotherapy can effectively help overcome child phobia. As any hypnotherapist will confirm, supporting a child to overcome a fear is very rewarding. Knowing that they will go through life without something hanging over them only encourages us to reach further and to treat more suffering with a phobia. The vast majority of phobias are created in childhood. …

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Misophonia: Into the mind of sounds

Misophonia: Into the mind of sounds

What noise makes your skin crawl? Nails on a chalkboard or the scraping of a fork on a plate. Imagine never being able to escape the everyday noises that cause your fight or flight response. For those with Misophonia, a rare disorder triggered by certain sounds, running away is not always possible or practical. Misophonia …

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Cognitive Dissonance

Cognitive Dissonance

Consistency is often sought in people’s beliefs and perceptions, so what happens when our beliefs conflict with those previously held?  The term is used to describe the feeling of discomfort that results from two conflicting beliefs. Where there is a discrepancy between the two something must change to eliminate/reduce the dissonance.  How does it work? …

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karpmans Triangle

The Karpman Triangle

Have you ever been in the position of a Victim, Persecutor or Rescuer, in a situation or a number of situations?   For forty years, Stephen Karpman designed and utilised this three-sided model to reflect itself in daily situations. People over the years and to this day go back into one or all three sides of …

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Case Study: Liz Horby

Case Study: Liz Horby

Liz and I, Chris Fleet, have ‘almost’ known each other for decades through mutual friends. A few years ago, our mutual friends attended a self-hypnosis workshop I was running and brought Liz along too. Afterwards, we stayed in touch as Liz considered a career change and wanted to work with people rather than having an …

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Case study: Nikki & Chris Hoare

Case study: Nikki & Chris Hoare

Hypnotherapy Training Case Study Nikki & Chris Hoare Both gained a Certificate and Diploma in Hypnotherapy Written By Chris Fleet, Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer.  I am delighted to introduce former students and husband and wife Nikki and Chris Hoare. Both completed the weekend Certificate in Hypnotherapy course before progressing onto The Diploma in Hypnotherapy.  Chris passed his interest …

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Case Study: Georgina Palmer

Gorgina Gained Both A Certificate & Diploma In Hypnotherapy From The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy  Written By Chris Fleet, UK Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer @hypno_teacher  “I can honestly say that since having hypnotherapy myself, I have a much healthier self-esteem and a better sense of well being than I’ve ever had.” ~ Georgina Palmer  Georgina and …

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