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Self Hpnosis One Day Course


Discover Your Inner Sanctum

Do You want to know How To Sucessfully Use Hypnosis On Yourself?


Overcome lifes obsticals whilst relaxing at home

self hypnosis

What You Will Learn

  • Hypnosis History
  • Uses of self-hypnosis
  • The language of the brain & Subconscious mind
  • Visualizing
  • Hypnotic languages and speech
  • Giving yourself suggestions
  • Thinking Errors & Negative self-talk
  • Inductions & Deepeners

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Self Hypnosis Training

Hypnotherapy & hypnosis is a great tool that can help ease several life affecting conditions such as anxiety and stress. This would normally be administered by a professional Hypnotherapist.

Some mild conditions can, however, be helped by using Self Hypnosis, which can be administered by the sufferer. The Devon School of Hypnotherapy's Self Hypnosis Training Course has been designed to train people to use this process themselves. It is also designed for those interested in learning about the art of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and its beneficial uses. Our one day course explores how different parts of the mind work and how engaging these parts enables you to learn positive self-talk, which is fundamental to Self-Hypnosis.

No Prior Knowledge Is Required

The great thing about this course is that you do not need to have prior knowledge or experience in hypnosis or hypnotherapy to gain great insight from attending.
Chris Fleet

 About Your Tutor


Hi, my name is Chris Fleet, and I run The Devon School of Hypnotherapy. During the week, I see private clients at my clinic in Paignton, and at weekends I teach hypnotherapy. During my spare time, I am enjoying renovating a horsebox for my equine-assisted therapy company-Horses4Life.

My practising career began in 2002 as a result of a dark period in my life. Since then, I have helped a large number of people combat life afflicting conditions.For the past seven years, I have been teaching hypnotherapy to students across South Devon; many now have their own practice. Some of those even work out of my clinic in Paignton.

On my About page, I present a condensed version of my Hypnotherapy Life. I have written it candidly to hopefully inspire you.

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