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Hypnotherapy Training, Subconscious Bias and Parts Therapy

Subconscious Bias and Parts Therapy

Have You Ever Done Something You Knew You Shouldn’t Have And Wondered Why?  

Yesterday I rushed through sending an email about our latest hypnotherapy training course. There was a part of me that knew by checking all the links and pages it would have been a much more thorough job. So why did I rush through it and send out an email with broken links?  The answer is that it’s a subconscious bias I know that I’ve sent out loads of emails over the years, I have a website I can link to, I’ve linked to it before so why not use the same links again? What’s more, I knew the links all worked because they always have done.

Except I was wrong – 

You see the thing is that we all have different parts of our psyche. During our hypnotherapy training, we talk about parts therapy. Parts therapy works on the principle that we all have different parts of our personality. It’s important to understand that this doesn’t mean we’re psychotic or have a split personality, just that we wear different hats during different times of the day. For example, you’re a different person reading this to when you are out with your friends. You’re different when working compared to when you’re watching TV.  

Think of a minibus with 15 or 16 people on board. All those people on board have a driving licence and are more than capable of driving the bus but only one can drive the bus at any time. It might well be that more than one person wants to drive the bus depending on the conditions. Some of the people in the back of the bus might be arguing with each other whilst others might be best friends. Some people in the back of the bus might be telling the driver how to drive.  

Now imagine that the atmosphere on the bus represents our personality as a whole and the people on the bus are different parts of our personality. Some people are in a constant state of inner conflict and have all sorts of internal conversations going on. For example, a part of us might want to do a public talk whilst another part of them is saying “Don’t do it – you’ll make a fool out of yourself.” Then we get into inner turmoil quite often full of “What if’s”. Once we start going through our own personal “what if’s” our mind can go down some very dark alleyways.  

What would happen if we could talk to these different parts of ourselves and get them to come to an agreement? As much as we can work this out on a conscious level we need to be able to do it on an unconscious level so that we can truly believe it (please see my horse and rider analogy).  

Once we can access these different parts of our psyche we can get a different viewpoint on why we do things and more than that, we can come to a form of emotional agreement with ourselves. Using the minibus analogy, we can get the people on the bus to stop bickering and come to an agreement with the driver about how to drive the bus.  

So, if I know all this, why did I mess up yesterday?  

The answer is quite simple really-

I heard but didn’t pay attention to the part that was saying “slow down, look where you’re going” instead, the minibus driver was saying, “come on, we’ve got places to be and things to do, and I’m an experienced driver so just shut up and get on with it.” 

My subconscious was biased towards knowing that it would be OK, in other words, the driver was being overconfident and not checking the road signs.   

The thing is I know that so instead of beating myself up, I can mentally roll my eyes at myself, apologise to my cautious part, and make the best of a bad case by writing a blog about the whole experience.  

With our hypnotherapy training, we can’t guarantee to can stop clients from making those mistakes, but we can show them how their mind works, negotiate with different parts of their psyche and if they do make mistakes again they can realise what they’ve done we can be much kinder to themselves about it.  

So anyway, the email was about how we can train you to become a hypnotherapist and how you can earn a decent living helping others.  

Some stats for you: These figures are based on average prices for people who have completed hypnotherapy training in Exeter, Devon, over a 5 day week 48 weeks per year

 1 client per week = £3,120.00 p.a. 

3 clients per week = £9,360.00 p.a. 

1 client per day = £16,900.00 p.a.

 4 clients per day = £62,400.00 p.a.  

So anyway, here’s the email again, this time with the correct links… 

 We help show people how their mind works.

 More than that we teach you to show others how their mind works too. This old lockdown Webinar shows you how to make a good living by helping others (it gets going after about 90 seconds).

  Some stats for you: These figures are based on average prices in Exeter, Devon, over a 5 day week 48 weeks per year

 1 client per week = £3,120.00 p.a. 

3 clients per week = £9,360.00 p.a. 

1 client per day = £16,900.00 p.a. 

4 clients per day = £62,400.00 p.a. 

 There is a replay of a lockdown webinar here if you would like to know more.

 I’m not great at tech, so it’s not some super-slick thing and the dates are now old, but it kind of explains how the mind works.. 

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