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Hypnotherapy And Anxiety

Lockdown Bought So Many Old Fears To The Front Of Our Minds

Lockdown was a difficult time for so many people:

This is a true story of a client who’s anxiety was beginning to go through the roof. It’s worth pointing out that although my name was mentioned, it’s the process that makes the change – not me…

“Well, what can I say about Chris !!  He is just amazing, and he has changed my life completely.  I had suffered from anxiety for a very long time, but when Covid hit us, it got a lot worse, and it got so bad that I was barricading my bedroom door with furniture at night.  I didn’t know why I was so anxious, but Chris found the reason went back to when I was 8, a trauma in my life 65 years ago.  With Chris’ help and guidance, we confronted it and totally put it to bed.  I am no longer suffering from anxiety; I’ve got my wag back!

Hazel C”  


So many clients notice a huge change in their lives, and it doesn’t have to be something that takes months & months or even years; with this lady, the testimonial was written after just five one-hour sessions with each session involving between 30 – 45 minutes of actual hypnosis. 

In total, the hypnotherapy was approximately between 2.5-3.75 hours. 

That’s quite a short period of time to deal with a lifetime of anxiety – so what did we do that the likes of counselling etc, didn’t touch? 

I’ve spoken about the horse and rider analogy, where, for example, the rider knows that there’s nothing to worry about when passing a carrier bag, but the horse freaks out. We talk about the rider being our conscious mind and the horse being our subconscious, or unconscious, mind. 

So many therapies talk to the rider, but the hypnotherapy (especially hypnotherapy for anxiety) talks to the horse, so the 1st thing that we did was assess the client’s anxiety levels and take a brief history before going ahead with hypnotherapy to calm down the horse. 

We always advise our students to start their first session with a technique known as the Fork in the Path, followed by something known as Coping to Mastery. 

In subsequent sessions we practised some more coping to mastery techniques and began to get her talking in hypnosis, We used a technique called ‘The child on the beach’ to help her begin to see where these feelings first came from & then helped her release them. 

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