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Find Your Niche

Do you want a regular supply of clients looking for you instead of you chasing after them?

As a hypnotherapist, I have a regular supply of clients and haven’t paid for traditional advertising for over 5 years now.

Most of my 1-2-1 work comes from word of mouth recommendations and people searching me out via my website. You can do the same. Every January, I will be running a workshop. It is aimed at helping you to learn from my marketing success’ and failures. With over 17 years of experience as a hypnotherapist, I have realised the importance of finding your niche and then utilising it.

Over the years I have spent thousands of pounds on training from the best. I have trained with people such as Daniel Priestly (Key Person of Influence, oversubscribed, 24 assets). Richard Woods (the apprentice). Alison Edgar (Voted UKs #1 Sales & Marketing adviser)as well as ongoing training from SSE (School for Social Entrepreneurs)

What Will We Learn?

  • Identifying your Niche Market
  • Building a website aimed around (but not solely for) your niche market.
  • Identifying your clients
  • Finding out how to talk directly to your clients
  • Learning how to effectively use social media for your business (not pictures of cats)
  • Identifying how to grow your business in a structured and effective manner
  • Writing effective blogs
  • Making and optimising YouTube videos to put on your site.

Past Student Feedback

“As someone who is underconfident with technology, I got so much more than I bargained for out of the web building course with Chris . From the beginning, Chris put me at ease with his thorough knowledge (and patience) and took us through each step until completion, so that everyone in the room felt like they were on the same level, regardless of whether they had a skill set in the technology beforehand. He kept it light hearted and fun and within just a few hours we already had the bones of our websites. By the end of the course, all of us were up and running and more than capable of continuing our journey with web designing after the course was complete. A very supportive environment that left me feeling excited about technology and competent enough to carry on when I got home!”

Before we look at marketing yourself, we need to determine what it is that you are going to market.
This course is intended to help you find a niche. That way you’re not scrambling after the same clients as everyone else in an increasingly competitive market. 

Driving Confidence with Hypnotherapy

For example, suppose there is a counsellor who specialises in counselling for gay couples. That doesn’t mean that is all he will work with. But it does mean that if a gay couple in Cornwall wants help and Google “counsellors for gay couples”. They are quite likely to travel several miles in order to see a specialist in that chosen field.

What about people suffering from exam nerves? I have had lots of people travel a long way to see me as I was getting a reputation for dealing with driving nerves, I even had an article written in the AA magazine about nerves whilst driving, this led to several local driving schools recommending nervous pupils to me.

We want you to be able to specialise to an extent where people will travel miles to see you.

In order to do this we need to determine two things:

What you want to focus on

We will discuss the 7 touches of marketing and how to utilise them.

You will learn how to write a USEFUL business plan. I don’t mean some boring stuffy thing that gets filed away in the back of a cupboard. It should inspire you as well as gives you a roadmap for your business.
Explore both traditional and digital marketing
We can help you to build your website if you don’t have one and how to optimise your website if you already have one.
Utilise Google alerts to talk directly to your niche
Explore different social media platforms and how to spend a few hours to create a week or two’s worth of social media posts
You will learn how to build a Facebook business page if you don’t have one already and show you how to re-market to people who visit your website/Facebook page..

The Complete Cost of the Find Your Niche Course

The Complete Cost of the Find Your Niche Course

For current and previous students of the school the course is £165.00

Non Students £330.00

A discount of £30.00 will be applied if you pay in full before the course start date

£65.00 will secure your place. 

Instalment payments are available.

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