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Are You Interested In Becoming A Hypnotherapist? Would You Like To Find Out More Without the Commitment?

Our free introduction to hypnotherapy and hypnotherapy training session will provide insight into how leading hypnotherapist and hypnotherapy trainer Chris Fleet can train you to become a fully qualified hypnotherapist. The two-hour sessions incorporates what hypnotherapy is, how and when it can be used, what for and how you can create your own business helping others overcome obstacles in their lives.

Introduction to Hypnotherapy Weekend

Discover Your Subconscious and Learn How to Hypnotise Yourself Effectively

During our one day course, we will explore the working of the mind and how the subconscious and conscious parts of your brain interact. We will look back at hypnotherapy’s history and how it has become such a popular alternative to traditional medicine. You will be taught the skills to self hypnotise and take control of your positive and negative thoughts. 

Discover The Power of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

Our weekend hypnotherapy course is a fantastic introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. During the course, you will learn the mind’s inner workings, the difference between the conscious and subconscious, and how hypnotherapy positively affects lives. You will also learn how to safely and effectively hypnotise others (friends and family only)

This certificate course is also module one of the Diploma in hypnotherapy and is transferable.

Practitioner level Qualification in Hypnotherapy

Our 10-month fully accredited Diploma in Hypnotherapy course provides you with all the skills, guidance and professional development to enable you to set up your own practice. Each module taught over one weekend a month comprehensively covers Hypnotherapy and professional practice, as well as a full detailed history and practical assessments and case studies to build your experience before qualification.