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Case Study: Liz Horby

Case Study: Liz Horby

Liz and I, Chris Fleet, have ‘almost’ known each other for decades through mutual friends. A few years ago, our mutual friends attended a self-hypnosis workshop I was running and brought Liz along too. Afterwards, we stayed in touch as Liz considered a career change and wanted to work with people rather than having an office-based admin job.

After much deliberation, she opted to train as a counsellor as, at the time, it seemed to be more practical to her.  After a year off, Liz, in her own words, commented that it didn’t feel as though it was ‘offering solutions to the clients. Strangely enough, we have had a few people trained as counsellors on programmes who feel that there is something more that they could use to help their clients further. 

Liz lives almost two hundred miles from here in Maidenhead.  

After visiting mutual friends in Cornwall, Liz stopped by the school once again. This time for our weekend Certificate in Hypnotherapy course. Now, Liz lives almost two hundred miles from here in Maidenhead, but she found a delightful B&B just a few hundred yeards from Paignton seafront and a short 5-minute walk from our training rooms. 

Liz and I were in touch a few times after that weekend. She was seriously thinking of progressing to the Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Still, her main issue was travelling and the cost of accommodation for her to attend the one weekend a month modules.   

Living in the South-East, there were plenty of other courses she could have attended. After calculating travel and accommodation costs, Liz worked out that she would actually save money coming to Devon and training with us! It still wasn’t an easy decision for her as attending the course would involve a lot of planning plus time away from home, but she felt it was the right step for her. 

Liz took the plunge and signed up

Liz is one of those people who others go to for advice and took to the course well. She very quickly grew into it and began to flourish. There were parts of the course that were a challenge, but we helped her through. With the encouragement of her classmates and myself, her confidence grew rapidly. 

Case Study: Liz Horby

Then came the practical and theoretical tests at the end of the course.

Liz always had a phobia about exams and was becoming more and more agitated as they grew nearer. One of the advantages of doing this course is that we do a LOT of practical work, and the other students relished working with Liz to help her overcome her fear.  

They did well….Module 9 is a practical exam where members of the public come in for a supervised hypnotherapy session with the students. Despite her initial nerves, Liz did very well, scoring around 90%. The next month was the final module, where we put it all together. Liz drove down to Paignton the day before rather than on the day so she would be well-rested for the final exam. 

 I’m delighted to say that she flew through the exam; her combined score was well over 90%, being the highest (just) scoring student in the class. Liz has stayed in touch, asking advice concerning different clients that she has and has been busy writing her website ehtherapy.uk where she offers both Hypnotherapy and Reiki. Liz has her head well screwed on and is working at building her client base whilst slowly cutting back the hours on her ‘day job’.  

We have discussed business planning in detail, particularly how she can corner herself a niche in the market. As Liz has already worked with a celebrity to great effect, I now have absolutely no doubt in my mind that she will go onto great things and if there is anyone in the Maidenhead area that is looking for a very astute and professional hypnotherapist, then please give Liz a shout liz@ehtherapy.uk  

If you are interested in starting your professional hypnotherapy journey the same way as Liz click here to see the dates of our next Certificate in Hypnotherapy. 

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