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Mark Honey

Case Study: Mark Honey

After gaining both the Certificate & Diploma in Hypnotherapy Mark now runs his own hypnotherapy businesses 


Mark completed his training with us a couple of years ago. 

Initially, he was very nervous about learning a new skill with a group of people he had never met. Of course, starting anything new comes with trepidation which is why we only ever have small groups and try to create relaxed learning environments. 

The one common trait amongst new students and therapists is that we all want to help people, and that includes making each other feel welcome. To help Mark feel even more at ease, we met before the course to discuss what each module would involve, the tutor and peer support available and how no question was ever a silly question when it came to the course.  

Learning a new skill and training to become a professional in that area can be challenging, but it is very doable, and a career in hypnotherapy is very rewarding. It did not take long for Mark’s nerves to ease and for his confidence to grow. As the training progressed, it became clear that Mark was a natural flourishing during the practical elements. 

Mark initially commented that he likes to help people, and this side of him was really coming out. 

Below, Mark talks to Chris about his experience of the courses at The Devon School of Hypnotherapy. 

Choose a Niche  

Durning, the Certificate in Hypnotherapy course students, are encouraged to choose an area or niche in which they feel they can hone in on for their hypnotherapy career.  

Mark is a runner with a keen interest in health and nutrition who also runs mini boot camps; it was sensible he focuses on sports. 

Now fully qualified, Mark has set up his practice in Plymouth. Evolution Warrior works with those suffering from anxiety and depression. His reputation is gaining work with athletes who have turned to running as a positive outlet for their mental wellbeing.  

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