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Case study: Nikki & Chris Hoare

Case study: Nikki & Chris Hoare

Hypnotherapy Training Case Study Nikki & Chris Hoare Both gained a Certificate and Diploma in Hypnotherapy Written By Chris Fleet, Hypnotherapist & Hypnotherapy Trainer. 

I am delighted to introduce former students and husband and wife Nikki and Chris Hoare. Both completed the weekend Certificate in Hypnotherapy course before progressing onto The Diploma in Hypnotherapy

Chris passed his interest onto his wife Nikki, and jointly they used hypnotherapy to aid the birth of their children and to lesson Nikki’s labour pains. Each has summarised their journey and how they became interested in training to become hypnotherapists.  

“My name is Chris Hoare, and I have been interested in hypnosis and hypnotherapy since my early teens.

 When I was 13 years old, I was given a copy of Pears Cyclopaedia for Christmas. It was a book that had sections on a wide variety of topics, one of which was Psychology; it became the most dog-eared section. Within that section, there was an article about hypnosis. I was fascinated and sought further information. I visited the Polytechnic Bookshop in Plymouth and bought a book entitled “The Theory and Practice of Hypnotism” by W.J.Ousby. I read it from cover to cover more times than I care to estimate. I learned and experimented with suggestion and suggestibility testing. 

In trying to learn more, I realised that the bookshops and the libraries were woefully short of anything to do with hypnosis. Undeterred I studied the works of Freud, Janet and Jung, although I quickly determined that Freud had problems himself. Nevertheless, I got a decent grounding in the subconscious mind. Later, as a business student, I found that the university library had what I needed, and I learned more about trauma and hypnotherapy. I also read books on self-hypnosis, although I had already learned that all hypnosis is, in fact, self-hypnosis. 

Years passed, but I never stopped studying the subject. I worked in Birmingham Central Library for many years, eventually having the role of Business Adviser and Intellectual Property Adviser, but also using hypnotherapy to help my colleagues when requested. I studied an online hypnotherapy diploma course (I do not recommend it) but finally booked a place on a course at a Birmingham Hypnotherapy College. I earned a certificate of competence to practice Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy but still wanted to extend my knowledge and breadth of understanding and technique. Consequently, I am a student at the Devon School of Hypnotherapy throughout 2019, along with my wife, Nikki. 

I was fortunate to discover the books of C. Roy Hunter (a lovely guy), one of the foremost hypnotherapists in the US. I studied Parts Therapy under him as part of my Continued Professional Development, learned to enhance my Hypnotic Regression Therapy techniques further and set up in practice. 

Of two things I am certain: firstly, you can never stop learning about hypnotherapy, and secondly, that article in Pears Cyclopaedia was so inaccurate that it should never have been printed, except for the fact that if it hadn’t, you might not be reading this now.”  

I Urge Hypnotherapy Candidates To Choose A Niche To Practice In 

During The Diploma In Hypnotherapy Training Course, I urge candidates to think about the niche they would like to practice their hypnotherapy in once qualified. Nikki has 20 experience as a child care professional supporting families, and here she describes how she would like to use her hypnotherapy qualification to continue and extend her career in this field. 

As part of this Hypnotherapy Training Case Study, Nikki describes in her own words her future plans and her journey so far, including insights into how hypnotherapy has helped the birth of her children and her family as they grew up. 

“My name is Nikki Hoare. My interest in hypnotherapy began with my husband sharing his interest with me over the years. We have spent many an hour talking about the different methods and types of hypnosis.

He even shared some of the times he has used hypnosis. We used hypnosis during childbirth to control my labour pains. My first experience was during the labour of our first child as an epidural needle was inserted, even during a contraction. Again a few years later, when we had twins, we used hypnosis to prepare me for labour and provide pain control. 

As our lives have moved on and our children have grown up, the time has come for me to take this interest further, to be able to help people find solutions within themselves and improve their lives. I started to make use of the wide range of books my husband has. I found the writings of C. Roy Hunter, a renowned hypnotherapist from America, really interesting and informative. When an opportunity came up to attend one of his workshops on Parts Therapy, both my husband and I attended. This increased my interest further, and I started to look for somewhere to study. I soon found Chris Fleet’s course at The Devon School of Hypnotherapy and decided that was the course for me with his belief in a client-centred approach. 

As the training progressed, we have been encouraged to think about our own speciality. I come from a childcare background with 20 years of experience as a childcare professional, providing support as well as childcare for the families I worked with. I am looking to be able to combine my experience with children with my hypnotherapy training as my career progresses, looking towards further training into hypnobirthing. 

During their late teens, two of our children were struggling with their sexuality, one identifying as gay and the other one identifying as transgender. We have been totally behind them both on their decisions and supported them as much as possible with the challenges they faced. I will admit I think they have supported us just as much, if not more, with our open conversations. 

This had to lead me into looking at how I could use hypnotherapy to support others from the LGBTQ community and their families.” Nikki Hoare  

Nikki & Chris Were Two Of A Successful Class Of Eight 

I have no doubts that both Nikki & Chris will progress well in the Diploma Course, and I look forward to posting updates here of their achievements.

Nikki and Chris were two of eight successful candidates who gained their qualifications in 2019.

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