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Hello, I’m Chris Fleet & thank you for visiting my personal ‘About Chris’ page.
I have been practising Hypnotherapy since 2002, as a result of a dark period in my life. Since then, I have helped a large number of people combat life afflicting conditions through my highly effective Hypnotherapy Treatments. In the past seven years, I have also been training others very successfully to become Hypnotherapists, themselves, as part of my Hypnotherapy Training Courses.
On this page, I present a condensed version of my Hypnotherapy Life. I have written it candidly to hopefully inspire you to consider making Hypnotherapy a career for yourself and to make you think that anything in life is possible if you have enough desire, belief and determination. I hope you enjoy reading it, Chris
Some Years Ago, A Loved One Was Misdiagnosed As Being Depressed When She Wasn’t…
Some years ago, a loved one of mine was misdiagnosed as being depressed when she was actually suffering from stress. She was prescribed an antidepressant drug called Seroxat, which created dramatic side effects where the person who I knew changed, becoming anxious and introverted. This drug has since been banned for use by adolescents due to the increase in number of suicidal tendencies, and there have been repeated calls for it to be banned for general use. To be fair to my loved one, I cannot reveal too many details other than to say her life became very difficult. This affected me greatly. I felt laboured from my own personal guilt, knowing that I could not help her. This, in turn, affected my own health, too, resulting in a large weight gain, excessive drinking and excessive smoking.
I Wanted To Help Her
I wanted to help her and I sought ways to do this. Of all the things I researched, hypnotherapy seemed to offer the best hope. I enlisted on a weekend ‘taster’ course, similar to the Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course that I now run, myself. It was revelation; all my preconceived ideas about Hypnosis were dispelled as I realised that Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy could be used to improve people’s lives when inflicted by certain conditions, such as stress, depression and anxiety. Importantly though, I found that I had a knack for it.
I Was Hooked!
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy grabbed me totally as I realised the life improving benefits that could be created for a large number of people. This was back in 2002 and since then, I have been on a crusade of learning as much as I could about hypnosis and hypnotherapy and I have trained exhaustively not only to become a hypnotherapist but to really perfect my art to a very high standard. I now have 10 different Diplomas to my name, not just in hypnotherapy but in other talking therapies too.

Life changed dramatically for me during my training

The training gave me the motivation to shed a quarter of my body weight, to stop smoking and to reduce my drinking. At the time, I was working in the building trade, moving from job to job, wherever the work took me. Importantly, though, I was going nowhere in my career, but my hypnotherapy training convinced me that a career, helping others, was the way ahead for me, personally. The joy and pride of seeing someone completely turn their life around is precious and, in truth, was worth much more than the money I was earning.
I Took The Plunge
Not long after qualifying as a hypnotherapist, I took the plunge and rented an office. It was horrible! No ‘phone lines or computer, the carpet stank and the wallpaper was peeling off the walls. But I had a passion and a deep desire to make a difference. I kept reminding myself of why I was doing this, and I kept telling myself: “I can do this”. I have had a chequered past and I have known many of my friends and my associates of a similar disposition to myself, die far too young.
We all pass on at some point, but personally I had then, and still have now, a great desire to leave a legacy of touching people’s lives in a positive way. I knew that the offices were temporary, but they were a start. Deep inside me, I had the intense belief that the business would be a success, one day, and I kept reminding myself of this belief, even when I had no clients. During this period, I sacrificed much in life to learn and perfect my art and to drive my business forward; I literally just ate, drank and slept hypnotherapy.
Then, Things Started To Happen
After much hard work, I progressed to a nicer office and my business started to develop with a growing number of clients. Importantly, the hypnotherapy treatments that I administered were highly effective and I started to improve the lives of every one of my clients. My Intensive Hypnotherapy Training was beginning to pay off. I met a lovely lady and twelve years later we are still together and we have a beautiful daughter who is my inspiration for so much in my life. Since then, my practice has grown dramatically to the point that I now run The Devon Clinic, in Paignton, Devon, where I work with 15 other therapists of differing disciplines offering, collectively, more than twenty life improving therapies. Some of the great work of the Devon Clinic is constantly looking for new ways to help provide solutions for a plethora of life limiting ailments, such as stress, anxiety, depression, weight loss and allergies, using a variety of therapies and looking at which combination of therapies work best.
The Clinic Allows Me To Offer Other Services
Being part of the Devon Clinic, allows me the freedom to broaden my scope and to offer other services. One big pleasure is volunteering at a local prison. There are people rightly serving sentences for their crimes.
But prison, in my mind, should be about rehabilitation as much as punishment. Some of the young men, imprisoned, have been quite literally born into a drugs and violence culture, but they can be helped back into society with the right help and support. I get much satisfaction from helping these people back into society.
I Decided To Train Others
More recently, I have been spending much of my time training people to become the new generation of Hypnotherapists. The idea of training others came about whilst on a training course, myself, where I was volunteering as a helper for others. During the breaks, I found myself surrounded by people asking me questions, rather than the trainer.
The training course itself was poorly constructed and vastly overpriced. The certificate received had no real value and wasn’t accredited by any major body. This made me think: could I deliver this course in a professional and effective manner with a certification that held real value? I pondered the notion for a while and then decided I should go for it. I temporarily removed myself from private practice to solely concentrate on writing my Hypnotherapy Training Course.
Devoted Myself To More Training
As part of the process, I contacted a number of professional governing bodies, such as The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR) and The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC), to discover what was needed to become a qualified hypnotherapy trainer. This meant more training, but this time, training to become a trainer. I devoted myself to this in much the same way, that I had done previously when originally training to become a Hypnotherapist. But, I did not just want to be a good hypnotherapy trainer, I wanted to be the best. I undertook the PTLLS-Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector, Teacher Training Course, which in simple terms, allowed me to train Hypnotherapy to others, to a high accredited standard.
The Devpn School of Hypnotherapy
My Hypnotherapy Training Courses
I founded the Devon School Of Hypnotherapy Training as part of The Devon Clinic and I started teaching a Certificate In Self-Hypnosis Training Course, designed to introduce the art and science of Hypnosis Hypnotherapy and showing people how to treat themselves for certain conditions, using self-hypnosis. Later, came the weekend Certificate In Hypnotherapy Training Course, which is more in-depth, and I followed this with the addition Of The Diploma in Hypnotherapy Training Course, which is very comprehensive and allows those who qualify to practice as fully qualified and professional Hypnotherapists.
For the past seven years, I have taught all three courses at varied intervals throughout the year(s). In that time, I have had many successes with many students qualifying in the respective courses. I derive a great personal reward from teaching my students and seeing them develop their skills, qualifying and going on to forge new careers as professional hypnotherapists. While my training is proving to be a great success, I still continue to offer clients hypnotherapy treatments in one-to-one sessions in the Devon Clinic.
The Devon Clinic is run as a not-for-profit organisation in Paignton and is known strictly as The Devon Clinic CIC. In this capacity, it serves the local community by providing affordable alternative therapies and treatments. As a Community Interest Company (CIC), we reinvest our profits back into the area by means of sessions for those less fortunate.

Several Successful Students Work In The Devon Clinic

Several of my successful students have gone on to craft new careers as Hypnotherapists. One has gone on to specialise in Hypnotherapy for children, while another specialises in Hypnotherapy for Diabetics, both at the Devon Clinic. A third student has started her own hypnotherapy clinic away from the Devon Clinic.
I Hope My Story Inspires You
Many of my students have come from other professions and disciplines and have been attracted by the thought of helping others through a treatment that can work very well and can work free of prescriptive drugs.
Have The Same Desire & Determination
If you have the same desire to help people that I had originally and you have the same determination to succeed, then Hypnotherapy could be a good way to forge a new career. A career that is very rewarding from seeing lives improve but also rewarding from the financial side, too.
My Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course Is A Good ‘Taster’ Course
My Certificate In Hypnotherapy Training Course is a good ‘taster’ course, that allows you ‘to dip your toe in the water’ to see if Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy is right for you.
My Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course Will Take You To Being A Professional Hypnotherapist
If it is, my Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course can progress you to the status of a Professional Hypnotherapist, whereby you would be able to work to improve lives through Hypnotherapy Treatments.
I Make A Good Mentor
Once you have qualified, you don’t have to lose me; I am very happy to act as a mentor to you, as you progress in your new career.
More Information About Myself
Some of the more significant people I have studied under. I have been very fortunate and have been hugely privileged to have worked with some of the best people and the best brains working in Hypnotherapy and I have learned much from them.
The following very distinguished people, in particular, have been a huge influence and a great inspiration: Donald Robertson of The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Henry Whitfield of Mindfulness Training Ltd, Jonathon Chase of Academy of Hypnotic Arts, Dr. John Butler of the Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Nicholas Evans of INLPTA, Valerie Austin of Austin Training Institute.
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