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Our Story

The Devon School of Hypnotherapy was founded in Paignton, 2012 to  compliment my hypnosis practice. Once developed, I started teaching a one-day self-hypnosis workshop designed to introduce the art and science of hypnosis and teach individuals how and when to use self-hypnosis from my clinic on Hyde Road in Devon.  Initially, my students were current or former clients, but others heard about the school and wanted to learn more for themselves.

Less than a year from setting up the school, I was running regular workshops as well as my then newly developed Certificate in Hypnotherapy weekend course (known now as the Introduction to Hypnotherapy weekend).

Over the following year, I began writing the Diploma in Hypnotherapy course. Writing the diploma course and getting it accredited by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) was no mean feat. I wanted graduates to be ready and confident to enter professional practice once qualified and ensure that they had adequate live experiences to back their knowledge.  After several months of dedication and hard work, the diploma was completed. Now my students could train from complete novice to confident practitioners at one school over a period of 10 months.

For the past nine years, I have taught all three courses at varied intervals throughout the year(s). In that time, I have had many successes with many students qualifying in the respective courses. I derive a great personal reward from teaching my students and seeing them develop their skills, qualifying and going on to forge new careers as professional hypnotherapists. While my training is proving to be a great success, I still continue to offer clients hypnotherapy treatments in one-to-one sessions at the Devon Clinic.

Introduction to hyonotherapy
Introduction to hyonotherapy

Top Reasons Our Students Choose Us Over Other Schools

1. Courses developed & run by Chris Fleet personally

2. Courses teach you the same highly effective methods Chris Fleet uses himself.

3. You will find the course more comprehensive & more effective than many other equivalent courses offered elsewhere.

4. Ample time is devoted to you to learning the theory & practical elements of hypnosis & hypnotherapy.

5. Courses include group and ‘one to one’ learning, so you gain individual attention.

6. You can enjoy post-course support from Chris Fleet.

7. Relaxed & comfortable atmosphere, perfect for you to learn.

8. Small classes of up to 12 people mean you get more individual attention.

9. Classes are encouraged to be inclusive, where you support others, and everyone else supports you.

10. Your course is assessed & approved by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

11. You will be fully registered with The General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).

12. You will qualify for registration with The Complimentary & Natural Health Council (CNHC).

13. Your Diploma In Hypnotherapy from The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy is a nationally recognised qualification by the GHSC.

14. Upon gaining The Devon School Of Hypnotherapy Diploma, you can work and practice  professionally.

Introduction to hyonotherapy
The Devon School of Hypnotherapy

Fully Accredited Training

What Past Students Have Said

Introduction to hyonotherapy

I really love the positive impact my services have on my clients, and it is all thanks to the training opportunities provided by The Devon School of Hypnotherapy.

Ellie Watson

Introduction to hyonotherapy

I signed up, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved the course, and Chris was highly supportive and learner-centred.

Alli De Matos

Introduction to hypnotherapy

The Certificate In Hypnotherapy Course is equivalent to the first module of The Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course and is a good ‘taster course to introduce you to hypnosis and hypnotherapy.
On successful completion, you will be trained to hypnotise someone safely by Chris Fleet himself. Once you have gained the Certificate, you can then proceed to study the full Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course, and your course fee will be deducted from the total cost of the Diploma Course.

When you study the Diploma In Hypnotherapy Course, you will be taught Chris Fleet’s many effective Hypnotherapy methods by him in both a small group and individually. You will receive approximately 40% more practical content than other equivalent courses offered elsewhere. Not only will you acquire a highly acclaimed Diploma In Hypnotherapy, but you will be trained to a high level, enabling you to practice hypnotherapy to a high standard professionally and gifting you the opportunity for a new, potentially highly paid career