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Stop smoking

5 Things Smokers Think About Giving Up That Are Wrong

There are many reasons why someone would quit smoking, but the overwhelming top reason is to be healthier. I have supported many clients to give up the cigarettes for good and rarely return because they have given in to temptation. Below are the top worries people have come to me with as an excuse to why they haven’t taken the plunge, including concerns about social isolation for giving up!

Stop smoking

  1. It is going to be difficult

If you have made the decision to stop smoking, there is nothing stressful heading your way. Of course, we wouldn’t advise you to stop right before a stressful event like getting married or moving house, but quitting won’t be as hard as you think. Chances are you will surprise yourself with how easy it was and question why you didn’t do it sooner!

2. They will put on weight

90% of people worry about replacing cigarettes with food. In reality, some clients may put off a little weight, but they also lose it, much like overindulging at Christmas; it’s not permanent. If you have a tendency to comfort eat, hypnotherapy sessions can take a closer look and deal with that issue directly.

For those who do gain a little, they still look much healthier and feel much better. The skin starts to look fresher as the blood flow increases, helping cell regeneration. The difference can be seen after just a week or two. One thing to be certain of is that you will feel much better within yourself.

Stop smoking
Stop smoking

3. It will affect their social life

For social smokers, this can be a difficult goodbye to cigarettes; some would say it is similar to breaking off a friendship; one that’s been stealing your money whilst poisoning you, so throwing this habit away is a positive change. Lead the way with your friends, and all become non-smokers! It is getting even more difficult these days to in public with laws preventing smoking around public buildings and work vehicles.

4. Worried about how it will negatively change you

Yes, to be honest, we all worry about change. What will you do to relax or take time out if you don’t go for a smoke? This is an individual issue, and we all smoke for different reasons. By looking at why you smoke and what other things you can enjoy instead because the reality is, there is always a better option than lighting up.  Going outside a setting such as a pub to enjoy the environment is far more relaxing than rushing a cigarette. Energy levels will increase, and I’ve never had a client regret quitting; it’s always been a positive thing.

Stop smoking
Stop smoking

5. Worry that you will not be able to make a difference to your health

Some people come to their first session so tense and worried that they would not be able to improve their health. They are coughing, getting out of breath and finding stairs difficult. The truth is that stopping will make a difference regardless of your health concerns. Within 20 minutes, your body will start to fill the benefit. At 12 hours, your blood oxygen will return to normal. Following that, your breathing will become easier, and your risk levels will drop. The benefits go on and on, and after 20 years smoke-free, you will have the same risk factors as a non-smoker.

What other concerns do you or have you had with clients stopping smoking? Put your answers in the comments below, and you could be featured in our next blog.