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Welcome to The Devon School of Hypnotherapy

 Professionally Accredited multi-Level Training

When you enrol on one of our hypnotherapy courses, you will gain a nationally-recognised qualification. Our courses provide you with 40% more practical training than others on the market, allowing you to build experience along the way.

With your professionally accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist qualification, you will be able to successfully support clients with stress, anxiety, depression, confidence building, weight control, smoking cessation, fears, and phobias and much more, earning yourself up to £150 per hour.

Tutor and top UK hypnotherapist Chris Fleet will guide you through each aspect of your training, providing professional guidance and expertise. Upon completion, you can register with the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and begin professionally treating clients. To help you start your career, we have rooms available to rent at The Devon Clinic in central Paignton.

The Devon School of Hypnotherapy's Courses

Begin your journey to a new and prosperous career with our certificate in hypnotherapy course. Over two days, you will learn the art and science behind hypnotherapy and how you can safely and effectively hypnotise someone.

Case study: Nikki & Chris Hoare

A 10-month comprehensive theory & practical course equipping you with the skillset for a career as a professional hypnotherapist. Over the course, you will complete modules developing your skills, including real-life case studies.

Discovery hypnotherapy without the commitment. Our free introductory evenings guide you through what hypnotherapy is, how it works and the science behind it. There will also be live hypnotherapy demonstrations.

NEW: One-day self-hypnosis course. Discover the inner workings of the mind, how hypnosis works and how you can use self-hypnosis to reduce stress, improve sleep and boost your confidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to do anything like research, read hypnotherapy books or prepare for the weekend? -No. Just bring yourself a pen and an open mind; we will provide all materials, including the inductions and scripts you will be using during and after the course.
How many and what are the other students like?  -Our class size ranges from 6 to a maximum of 25 (for larger groups, previous Diploma students will be on hand throughout). We do not have a main set of students like mainstream colleges. Our students come from all walks of life, and their ages vary widely from 20 to 75! At the start, most students are somewhat nervous about meeting everyone for the first time, but you will always be made to feel welcome, listened to and supported. By the end of the weekend, you will have made new friends.


What if I can’t do it? –Rest assured, you can do it, and there is no such thing as passing or failing on our weekend course. If you ever feel unsure, overwhelmed, or defeated, please speak to either myself or one of the classroom assistants-We have all been there with these feelings.

Do I have the right voice for Hypnotherapy? -There is no right or wrong voice. Over the weekend, you will learn to understand how the tone of your voice rather than your accent or pitch can affect hypnosis and how you can change the outcome by tweaking it slightly.

What if I do not like the course? It is ok if you do not like the course-we are all individuals. If you find yourself in this position, please let us know; we might be able to adjust to improve your comfort.

How can I take my training further? -Once you have completed the weekend course, you will have the opportunity to progress to our practitioner level Diploma course. You can use your certificate as module one of the ten-month course. Further information can be found here.

If you have a question, please do contact us, and we will be happy to answer. answer.

Here Are Just Some of our Successful Students

Liz Hornby

Liz gained her Certificate in Hypnotherapy before progressing to the Diploma in Hypnotherapy. Today Liz runs her EH Therapy, a clinic in Maidenhead providing Hypnotherapy and Reiki treatments.

“…I can highly recommend Chris and this course. If you are in any doubt, go along to the taster weekend because I’ll bet you anything you will find yourself wanting to take things further.”

Mark Honey 

Once Mark gained his Diploma in Hypnotherapy, he went on to form his own practice, Evolution Warrier. Mark’s practice supports those suffering from anxiety and depression.

“I can truly say it has made a massive difference to my life in more ways than one.  The support we gave each other in our year was brilliant. If anyone was struggling we all supported and helped them. Chris is always on hand to answer any question or concern.”

 Ali De Matos

Shortly after completing her Diploma in Hypnotherapy with us, Ali opened her hypnotherapy practice in Dawlish. Ali specialises in weight loss and management.

“….it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I loved the course and Chris was highly supportive and learner-centred. At times I found it challenging, in a good way, as Chris has high standards and suddenly all my learning clicked into place. Wow!”

Why you should train with The Devon School of Hypnotherapy.

How COVID-19 May Affect Your Training

The response to COVID-19 is an ever-changing one, with restrictions imposed and lifted under Government figures. As a registered training school, we follow regulations relating to schools and colleges.

All our premises are regularly sanitised, socially distanced and have track and trace in place. Class sizes are also adjusted to match government guidelines.

 About Your Tutor


Hi, my name is Chris Fleet, and I run The Devon School of Hypnotherapy.
During the week, I see private clients at my clinic in Paignton, and at weekends I teach hypnotherapy. During my spare time, I am enjoying renovating a horsebox for my equine-assisted therapy company-Horses4Life.

My practising career began in 2002 as a result of a dark period in my life. Since then, I have helped a large number of people combat life afflicting conditions.

For the past seven years, I have been teaching hypnotherapy to students across South Devon; many now have their own practice. Some of those even work out of my clinic in Paignton.

On my About page, I present a condensed version of my Hypnotherapy Life. I have written it candidly to hopefully inspire you.

Chris Fleet

Post Qualification Care and Support

Introduction to hyonotherapy

Ove you have gained your  Diploma in Hypnotherapy, you will have a high degree of competence in both the practical and theory side of hypnotherapy and hypnosis. You are now ready to work professionally as a hypnotherapist, where you can make a real difference in the world, helping people to improve their lives.

During your training, I would have encouraged you to find a ‘niche’ to practice hypnotherapy professionally within and show you how to offer the most common forms of hypnotherapy.

So, it is now time to consider your work options, including;

Work From a Clinic | Work at The Devon Clinic | Working from home | 

Rent Office Space | Offer a Mobile Service